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HCC Australia - Who We Are

Who we are

HCC Australia Pty Ltd specialize in brick-paving for civil construction projects. From a humble beginning over many years ago we have grown under the guidance of our director; Hugh Smith, to be regarded as Western Australia’s leading commercial brick pavers.

Over the years we have earned a reputation of being a thoroughly professional, reliable, dependable and trustworthy organisation. This reputation has been a great source of pride to us as we continue to strive to excel in all the projects we work on.

As a truly professional organisation, we offer consultancy and advisory services to our Clients. All projects are thoroughly assessed and planned meticulously with detailed specifications, drawings and Project scheduling plans. Our attention to detail and our pride in our work are the key factors which makes us stand head and shoulders above the rest.

We regard each of our projects as works of art — and we are driven by the same dedication, use of knowledge, skill and professional mastery as all true artists are.

HCC Australia - What We Do

What we do

HCC Australia specialize in brick-paving for civil construction projects. We have performed a variety of jobs, both small and large (the largest being over 60,000 m2). Our skilled and experienced staff work in teams on different projects, covering not only the Perth Metro area but all over the State of WA when required.

The support staff in our office carefully monitor and control our projects several times each day to ensure the smooth and efficient running of each and every project.

For Commercial Hardstands we have completed a huge range of large-scale projects. On several of these we have used our automated brick-paving machines. This experience combined with our substantial previous history in hand-laying commercial hardstands makes us WA’s most qualified paving contractor in this field.

We are available to provide tenders on all types of segmental paving, ranging from the most intricate of designs using a large variety of products (granite, flagstones, clay and masonry brick-pavers) to large commercial hardstands.